Super Mario Maker is not only a terrific creation tool and platformer in its own right, but it keeps us on our toes with its quirky updates. Next up on 31st December we'll have new Course Events that'll unlock Excitebike and Birdo costumes, with the former certainly tickling our fancy.

The NES game, and that bike design, are certainly iconic, which may help explain why its tracks appearance in online rotations for Mario Kart 8 seems to be guaranteed votes in the lobbies. There's something particularly pleasing about seeing the bike in action, via a recent video from Nintendo's YouTube channel.

Birdo is also coming on 31st December, and you can see that below.

Finally, a small update for the game itself is actually live today; we're sure data miners are already digging around in its innards, and you need to download it before accessing online features. The Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker course event was uploaded a few days ago, if you haven't played it yet, and can actually be cleared - it seems - without jumping. If you want to be faithful to the source material, that is.

Are you looking forward to tackling a couple of new Course Events on New Year's Eve?