It's been a little while since we've covered Panga, one of the most hardcore Super Mario Maker creators to be found, so it's time for another dose of platforming insanity.

Panga has developed a sizeable Twitch and YouTube audience for his extremely complex creations, which typically require pixel-perfect jumps and moves to clear. His stages are often tried thousands upon thousands of times with no successful clearances, or perhaps very few; Panga, naturally, can beat them.

His latest creation, Skyway to Shell, took him 17 hours to create and 85 minutes to beat; it's not the most extreme stage he's created, but it's nevertheless great to watch. Or you can try it yourself with the ID code ACA8-0000-011A-04C1.

You can marvel at it below, though bear in mind there's one bit of strong language once the level's beaten. We don't really blame him.