Though it's ancient history now by game industry standards, ZombiU is arguably one of only a few games on the Wii U to fully make usage of the GamePad, and the launch title is still a decent survival horror romp for those who might be interested. One rather neat feature of the game was a form of asymmetrical online multiplayer. Basically, this just meant that players could leave graffiti on walls to warn players about an ambush around the corner. Additionally - if you fell in battle - your zombified self would be sent into the worlds of any friends that also own the game, giving them an opportunity to loot the zombie and get supplies from its backpack.

Unfortunately, ZombiU didn't do terribly well critically or commercially, and the servers somewhat suspiciously went offline a few months back. This was probably just due to Ubisoft not deeming it worth the cost to keep them running, but the servers suddenly came back online recently. Considering that ZombiU was ported to PS4 and Xbox One not too long ago, it probably has something to do with those versions being popular enough for Ubisoft to bring the servers back on.

What do you think? Did you miss the multiplayer aspects when they disappeared? Will this coax you back into playing the game again? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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