Holding steady

Xenoblade Chronicles X launches in the west soon, and is shaping up to be quite the experience - as you'll know if you've already read our hands-on impressions with the final code.

However, fans have expressed some concern at the localisation changes made by Nintendo so far. First up was the fact that major character Lin could no longer wear skimpy outfits, as well as rumours that her age had been changed from 13 to 15 (we reported on this, but having played the game ourselves it is now clear that she's still 13, just like she was in the Japanese version).

Another change relating to female characters in the game has been spotted by GameXplain. In the avatar creation mode, it's now impossible to alter the size of a female character's bust. This feature was present in the Japanese version, which launched in April of this year.

Xenoblade Chronicles X launches in North America and in Europe on December 4th.

[source eurogamer.net]