Eagle eyed Pokémon Master and Nintendo Life contributor Joe Merrick has spotted that Nintendo are now selling a solo GamePad for the first time in Japan.

While we've come to accept that the Wii U will probably never support two GamePads at the same time in future games, it's nice at least to have the option to replace your GamePad if your current one is getting a bit battered, or worse still broken.

The solo GamePad costs ¥13,284 in Japan (£70 / $108) which is on the expensive side, but you have to remember there is a lot of tech in here. At any rate it's a lot cheaper than Microsoft's Elite Controller!

We're likely to see the option to buy a GamePad without the Wii U console in Europe and North America before long. Who knows, it might be just in time for the NX launch so we can enjoy Wii U backwards compatibility. As always, share your conspiracy theories with a comment below.