Is anyone out there?

Let's face it - Metroid would make a brilliant movie. A strong female lead, sinister alien forces and entire universe to explore; the franchise is ripe for the Hollywood treatment. Perhaps one day it will happen, but for now we'll have to take this stunning fan-made short, which stars video gaming personality Jessica Chobot as the galaxy's most beloved bounty hunter.

Entitled Metroid: The Sky Calls, this short but sophisticated movie is the work of Rainfall Films, a three-man US production company founded by Sam Balcomb, who also handles directorial duties. If Rainfall sounds familiar, it's because the company was also responsible for IGN's Legend of Zelda trailer, which launched on April Fool's Day back in 2008.

Here's the official description:

The classic Nintendo franchise, Metroid, envisioned through the lens of 60s-70s science fiction cinema such as 2001, Alien, and Solaris: this was the concept for Rainfall's most recent production.

Instead of using a modern approach, a style was developed more in tune with the themes that inspired the first Metroid game in 1986: isolation, exploration, and the wonders of deep space.

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