The much anticipated Super Mario Maker update v1.2 is now live. Key new features include the ability to add checkpoints to levels, which had been much in demand, and you can now 'stack' items in blocks. More exciting additions have arrived through 'Official Makers' and Event Courses, both found in the Course World section of the game. It's a very welcome update indeed.

But that's not all, the Super Mario Maker update has also sneaked in a fun Easter Egg too as we show you in the video below.

When adding a warp door in the editing mode, if you tap on it you will now hear a knocking sound. If you keep knocking Skinny Mario will answer in one of many guises. His appearance also varies depending on which game theme you are using.

Let us know what you think of this Easter Egg with a comment below. Are you delighted with the Super Mario Maker v1.2 update on the whole?