Valhalla Game Studios

It seems that people and companies in the modern age will find just about anything to get upset over enough to sue each other. It can be quite entertaining to see the things that get brought to court, such as the infamous case where Red Bull had to pay $10 to anybody that's ever bought the energy drink because it does not, in fact, give you wings. On the other hand, there are sometimes issues that are a bit less ridiculous where either side has a relatively strong case.

For example, Valhalla Game Studios – the developer of Devil's Third – is now embroidered in a lawsuit over the name and logo that the company has chosen. Evidently, Valhalla Motion Pictures – which was around first, we might add – believes that the game company's logo and name are too similar to its own. It's difficult to tell which side will win here, as the two are quite similar. The hearing will be held at a special event at Loyola Law School this Friday, so we'll soon get to see whether this escalates to something more or is resolved without too much conflict. For reference, here's the Valhalla Motion Pictures logo:

Valhalla Motion Pictures

What do you think? Which side will win? Do you think Valhalla Motion Pictures is justified in their action? Share your thoughts in the comments below.