MH4U Final DLC.jpg

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has been the franchises' most successful entry outside of Japan, passing one million sales in Europe and North America, in the process providing a vital breakthrough for the series. It gives us optimism that titles like Monster Hunter X (Cross) will also get localised, or at the very least the next 'main' entry in the series.

A standout part of the game has been the free DLC, a regular feature since its Western launch in February 2015. Early on there were quirky crossover items including references to Metroid, Animal Crossing, Sonic and others, while recent months have been more focused on the sorts of items that series veterans will appreciate.

Sadly, the monthly updates have now come to an end, with the current November release ending this run. It has a whole load of quests with some cool armour up for grabs; you can see the information below.

It's been a great run of free DLC by our reckoning, especially with those crossovers and handy assist packs at different points to help players along. Here's hoping the next entry in the series has such great DLC support.

Have you been a fan of the content on offer, and do you have any favourite unlocks from these DLC quests? Let us know in the comments.