The Coveted Trophy

As we reported on a little less than a week ago, The Game Awards will soon be taking place on 3rd December. The up and coming award show will employ a board of industry veterans from a wide array of game companies and backgrounds to decide which of this year's games were the cream of the crop. The nominations for this year's awards have been revealed recently and while most of them are expected, it nonetheless should be interesting to see which game wins the award for each category.

In terms of Nintendo's nominations, Super Mario Maker is in the running for game of the year and for Best Family Game. Splatoon is in the running for Best Shooter, Best Family Game, and Best Multiplayer. Nintendo itself is in the running for Developer of the Year and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is the only 3DS game to make the list for Best Mobile/Handheld Game. For the full list of nominations, check it out on the event's site here.

What do you think? Will Nintendo sweep the board or is the competition too stiff? What are your nominations? Share your thoughts in the comments below.