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Those on the Toys "R" Us mailing list in North America may be receiving its 'Book of Awesome', a catalogue with such a marketing push behind it that it even has its own commercial. As with any print run, though, it's liable to run into issues should details change late in the day; this one's unfortunately been caught out by Nintendo.

Star Fox Zero was delayed back in mid-September, now targeting a Q1 2016 release in order to achieve a "Platinum feel" in quality. For Toys "R" Us, though, this delay clearly wasn't factored in before going to print with its big Holiday catalogue - Nintendo Life reader Chris Ruston received his in the mail just before Halloween and noticed something was amiss in the Nintendo section.

Look closely...

Toys "R" Us may have been aware of a potential delay, notably giving itself an out with an asterix that highlights the fact the date could change. Nevertheless we hope that not too many shoppers build their hopes up for some epic space battles this Holiday season.

Though the festive line-up would have looked far more tempting with Star Fox in it, we're hopeful that the extra development time will bring us a great game. In our various previews some of us liked it while others in the team didn't, so perhaps the final product will gain more universal acclaim.