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Was the Nintendo Direct on 12th November the most hyped we'd ever seen? Not quite, we'd suggest, but most definitely not far off. There have been broadcasts in the past that were slightly more anticipated due to specific games that were known to be featured, for example, while the '50 things' Super Smash Bros. broadcast is an example of one that truly set the internet alight. We'd suggest that the hype around this one wasn't just raw excitement, as such, but also a desire to see Nintendo get back on form with the video series.

So, did the broadcasts on 12th November deliver on the goods? That's what we're asking you in the polls below, but our initial impression is that the answer is yes, just about. Looking over the lengthy list of announcements and details we thought there was plenty to appreciate - we have free updates to major games, release dates for upcoming titles, some surprises and a fair breadth of game styles catered for. There were goodies for retro fans, those looking for something new and a Smash Bros. character reveal that seemingly came out of nowhere.

While the end content seemed to have a great level of detail, that doesn't mean the presentations nailed every aspect of their delivery. This writer was covering the North American stream live and there was a sense that it sagged in the middle, with details on imminent arrivals and a poorly received free-to-play 3DS title sucking the momentum away a little. That was the sense from the live chat, but it did pick up and end brilliantly with that Cloud / Final Fantasy reveal.

It's now been a short while since the broadcasts, and we want to gauge your opinions now that the dust has settled. Click on some poll buttons below and post comments with your own Nintendo Direct views - was it a triumphant return?

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