Nintendo of America's marketing campaigns for the Holiday season take various forms, and one seems to be a partnership to promote one of the Wii U's biggest hits. This will be through "Clash of Karts: Mario Kart 8", a show that'll be broadcast on Disney XD this coming weekend.

In essence it's going to be an hour long show in which eight young gamers team up with YouTube celebrities in a multi-round competition. The YouTube celebs in question will include Strawburry 17, Andre (Black Nerd Comedy), AtomicMari and SethBling.

It's all going down on 5th December at 8pm (whether you're Pacific or Eastern), which seems a tad late if Nintendo was hoping to target particularly young gamers. On the flipside it could be a good peak-time slot to get the attention of some older kids, so we won't second-guess that too much.

In any case it's encouraging to see Nintendo titles getting shown off on some major TV channels in the US; will you be tuning in?