Nintendo has hand-picked another selection of stages from the highest-rated Super Mario Maker courses, but this week it's North America's turn! Give them a spin and let us know what you think by posting a comment at the end!




Hard Difficulty

Designed by 7Cubed from The USA

A Yoshi is a man's best friend, and if you want to beat this course then you'll need to make the most of his unique skills. Swallow enemies, spit them out, and be prepared to leap off your companion to reach new heights!

Boney Depths 2.0

WiiU_SMM_Boney Depths 2.0_002.bmp


Easy Difficulty

Designed by Alex from The USA

Surrounded by Jelectros and with a constant supply of Fish Bones and Bull's-Eye Bills aiming to ruin your swim, you'll have to manoeuvre carefully to avoid becoming fish food.

Zelda The Lost Temple 2

WiiU_SMM_Zelda The Lost Temple 2_001.bmp


Medium Difficulty

Designed by Aaron from The USA

Link is more than used to solving any puzzles in his path, but if he ever wants to escape The Lost Temple he'll have to use the unique world and enemies of Super Mario Bros. to his advantage.

Bob-omb Shooting Gallery 2

WiiU_SMM_Bob-omb Shooting Gallery_002.bmp


Medium Difficulty

Designed by Mat from Canada

Are you the sharpest fire-shooter in the Mushroom Kingdom? Hone your skills with this collection of puzzles and prove your mind's as fast as your fire-flinging fingers!

Snickerdoodle Valley 1

WiiU_SMM_ Snickerdoodle Valley_001.bmp


Easy Difficulty

Designed by Letter10 from The USA

A colourful course that takes players both over and underground, and with a wide variety of enemies to face, Snickerdoodle Valley 1 is a fun challenge for newcomers with some nicely-hidden secrets to uncover.

Sneak Attack Ship

WiiU_SMM_Sneak Attack Ship_002.bmp


Hard Difficulty

Designed by Layne from The USA

An Airship veteran knows to be on the look-out for cannons and Bill Blasters. However, few would expect Monty Moles to be hiding underneath them, ready to rise up and start chasing you around!




Easy Difficulty

Designed by Tyler from The USA

With the Mushroom Kingdom at stake, Buzzy Mario must step onto the battlefield and take on Bowser in a sport of his own choosing…

3-2 Melter Skelter

WiiU_SMM_Melter Skelter_001.bmp


Medium Difficulty

Designed by Zachary from The USA

With all the slippery surfaces and ice blocks falling down, you'd be forgiven for thinking this course was a Winter Wonderland, but with Spike Tops around every corner, any false step could see you skating towards disaster.


WiiU_SMM_Food Fight_002.bmp


Hard Difficulty

Designed by Joe from The USA

It's usually considered rude to spit your food out, but in this course, it's the only way Yoshi can help Mario to activate P Switches and take out any enemies foolish enough to block their path.

Submarine Voyage (100 Seconds)

WiiU_SMM_Submarine Voyage_002.bmp


Medium Difficulty

Designed by Lantis from The USA

You're trapped in a small ice submarine with only a Fire Flower to protect yourself as Bloopers, Cheep Cheeps and Giant Angry Wigglers all vie to be the enemy that puts a stop to your underwater excursion.