Dragon Quest X.jpg

Until recently Western Nintendo fans of the Dragon Quest series had to either gaze longingly at the Japanese release slate or resort to importing the various titles that have arrived on Wii U and 3DS. Thankfully Dragon Quest VII and VIII on 3DS were both confirmed recently for localisation in the most recent Nintendo Direct broadcasts, so hope is renewed that Square Enix sees potential for the franchise outside of its homeland.

Which brings us to Dragon Quest X, the MMORPG that's proven to be a hit in Japan on Wii, Wii U and 3DS - along with other platforms - but has never made it to the West. Now there's a new compilation set on the way to Wii U that'll incorporate the three iterative 'versions' that have been released over the last couple of years; this is similar to a release last year that combined the first two versions.

That'll surely be fairly popular on 3rd December, and we maintain a sliver of hope that this may get a run in the West. With Dragon Quest XI coming to 3DS and apparently NX (though Square Enix backtracked to saying it was a maybe for NX afterwards), and with Dragon Quest X also on the agenda to potentially get ported to the NX, we can only cross our fingers that one of these will be localised. Perhaps taking Level-5 as an example with its gradual release of Yo-Kai Watch outside of Japan, the finalised and long established Dragon Quest X could finally be given a chance outside of Japan in 2016 or beyond? We do know that Square Enix has been 'considering' it.

Time will tell.