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There can certainly be some frustrating eShop release gaps between Europe and North America, with the former coming off worse on most occasions. An example of this has been Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures, which came out in North America in Spring / Summer on Wii U and 3DS and has taken a little while to make the move to Europe.

On a positive note the wait seems to be almost over, with the European eShop on both Wii U and 3DS listing the game for a 10th December release; these eShop dates are occasionally wrong, so treat this as a likely but not final date.

We liked both versions when they came out in NA, though the visual style and neat 3D effect gave the 3DS iteration a narrow advantage in our opinion.

With AVGN 2: ASSimilation in development and hopefully coming to Nintendo platforms, at least European gamers can catch up and see what the fuss is about while we all wait for more sequel news.

Thanks to those that sent this in.