The Angry Video Game Nerd remains one of the best known YouTube characters in gaming, or retro gaming at least. A trailblazer when the series began on YouTube, James Rolfe has taken his creation beyond 100 episodes and made a movie, while Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures was the first full official game for the franchise.

Developed by FreakZone Games and published by ScrewAttack, this first title landed on Wii U, 3DS and a host of other platforms, before a sequel was announced during the Summer.

Now we have a debut trailer and a new name for this sequel - AVGN 2: ASSimilation. As the title and source material suggests this is for mature audiences, and the video below is certainly for older viewers.

There are plenty of references for fans to pick up in there, and developer FreakZone Games has already stated in the past that it's "definitely going for Nintendo again", so fingers crossed on that score.

Of course, the first game hasn't actually arrived in Europe yet, but we're following up to try and find out what's happening with that release.

Are you excited about this sequel and hoping to see it on the eShop?