It seems that exclusive amiibo announcements have been all the rage lately. Just this past week, we've received confirmation that the Villager re-stock, Mii Fighter 3-pack, and the Mega Yarn Yoshi will be exclusive to Toys "R" Us and that the Falco amiibo will be exclusive to Best Buy in North America. Not one to feel left out, Canada has just now chimed in with a retailer exclusive amiibo announcement of its own.

A tweet was just recently posted stating that the Lottie amiibo will be exclusive to Best Buy in the region. You can pre-order it here, but be quick about it; this one will probably be out of stock relatively quickly. Here's the relevant tweet:

What do you think? Will the North American equivalent also be a Best Buy exclusive? How do you feel about retailer exclusives? Drop us a comment in the section below.

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