Show me the money

Dragon's Lair will forever have a place in video game folklore for offering an experience which - at the time of release - was simply mind-blowing. Back in 1983 gamers were used to crude and blocky visuals with beeps and chirps for sound, but Dragon's Lair offered movie-quality animation and audio.

The catch was that player interaction was incredibly limited - it amounted to little more than pushing the joystick or pressing the button at the correct time in order to trigger the next animation sequence - but that didn't prevent it from becoming a massive commercial success, and it has since been converted to a wide range of formats, including the Wii and DS. The have also been more 'traditional' spin-offs for the SNES, Game Boy, NES and GameCube.

Now, creators Don Bluth and Gary Goldman are seeking funds in order to turn Dragon's Lair into what it arguably should have been in the first place - a full movie. Both men are former Disney animators and have been responsible for several movies over the years, including An American Tail, The Land Before Time and Titan AE.

The pair have taken to Kickstarter to ask for $550k to create a short video pitch which can then be used to approach investors in order to raise the proposed $70 million they expect the final film to cost. The movie is being pitched as a prequel to the game. You can watch the Kickstarter campaign appeal below, and after you've done that, why don't you tell us if you're backing this venture?