AeternoBlade - from Corecell Technology - was much anticipated on the 3DS eShop when it landed in the West back in early 2014; though we weren't hugely impressed in our review it certainly found an audience. The developer has now stated that strong sales - beyond expectations, it seems - on 3DS, Vita and PS4 have given the studio an opportunity to announced AeternoBlade 2 for a targeted Q2 2016 release. Thankfully 3DS is a lead platform alongside Vita, with more systems to potentially be announced in the future.

This one sees the return of the first game's protagonist - Freyja - alongside newcomer Bernard, the latter specialising in using a heavy weapon.

AeternoBlade2 1.png
AeternoBlade2 2.png

In terms of gameplay Corecell Technology has said the following:

AeternoBlade 2 will have new time manipulation mechanism[sic] and more action features while the game will still keep a Medriodvania style such as exploring the map, solving time puzzles and collecting relics.

That's all the key information for now, and no doubt there'll be a steady trickle of details over the next few months.

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