Ahead of reviews coming in for Skylanders Superchargers we have a look at how the toys stack up in the home. In particular how the Wii U and Wii starter packs compare to the other console versions.

As you can see in these unboxing videos, the kids are more than a little impressed by Bowser and Donkey Kong packs that even manage to outshine the big Dark Edition pack opened at the same time.

Also it's interesting to see how they could work out the switching between amiibo and Skylanders mode on the characters without any prompting. It seems that it makes total sense to these young gamers to see Nintendo characters popping up in their Skylanders game.

Also included in the comparison is a close look at the character poster that comes with the game. Again it's interesting to see that the Amiibo figures are not included here as they only work on Nintendo consoles.

As we get ready for our big review of the game the family have been working through their Skylanders let's play videos on each of the different versions. Realising that they could only use the amiibo characters in the Nintendo versions of the game already seems to be a driver for them to play that version. It will be interesting to see if this pattern is matched at retail where the Wii version has historically sold really well.