There's been a fair bit of Super Mario Maker-related news and content to kick off the week, so here's something a little light-hearted to keep that going. Uploaded by Nintendo UK on YouTube, the two most important founders of Super Mario tackle a stage by the man behind Rayman, Michel Ancel; that's a star lineup if even we've seen one.

This is related to news earlier in the summer that Ancel has created a stage for Super Mario Maker, and the footage shared is from a special event in Paris on 3rd July in which Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka gave a masterclass on level creation. They take on Ancel's PAC-Mario stage, which can be treated as a score chaser.

It's a pretty entertaining watch, especially once Shigeru Miyamoto goes into his full range of expressions when under pressure in the stage.