You may remember that in the past we shared some videos from the MrBean35000vr YouTube channel. The hackers often use their skills to show off cool areas of games we haven't seen much of before, and were among the first to break into the Wii U.

Courtesy of Nintendo's efforts with security and updates it's a niche activity, but in this case is used to show some neat features. Some of the best videos have revolved around Mario Kart 8, and last year we shared videos that essentially gave fly-bys of some tracks, giving a whole new perspective. This is achieved by running ghost data for another track over the course in question, prompting the kart to fly around the environment.

What these videos do is show the extraordinary detail that Nintendo puts into its tracks, and the effort in creating substantial backgrounds. The latest videos showing this explore DLC tracks - we have Mute City, GBA Ribbon Road and 3DS Neo Bowser City. Mute City, in particular, is eye-catching in the detail that was poured into the wider area; you can see rivers and all sorts of features in the cityscape.

Check out the videos below and let us know what you think.