One of the most popular Wii U hardware bundles of last year was the Mario Kart 8 package, with the North American equivalent coming packaged with the game, a lovely Red Mario Wii Remote Plus and a red Wii Wheel; all in all it was a great deal.

Nintendo of America has retooled its Mario Kart 8 bundle, with an updated version now in stores. For $299.99 you get the system, a copy of Mario Kart 8 pre-installed and a download code to add both DLC packs. As you can see below, though, there's no Remote or wheel; though this is decent value, considering the Wii U's need to win over on-the-fence consumers we're left wondering why the Remote and wheel weren't simply thrown in as nice extras.

MK8 Wii U hardware bundle.jpg

Still, it's a tempting package for those yet to dive in, and is apparently available in stores right now. Do you think this bundle will sell well for Nintendo?