What happens when you release a relatively cheap silver-plated coin with a little velvet bag, and it happens to be a 'Goodbye Coin' for Club Nintendo in PAL territories? The hosting website struggles to survive the influx of hits, of course.

Our very own editorial director Damien McFerran - in the interests of social and behavioural studies, of course - was among many frantically filling in old surveys to try and obtain the 2000 Star (1000 in Australia) reward; your humble writer decided he'd rather have a crow peck his eyes out than complete 20 surveys for download games. Mr McFerran reported that the Club Nintendo site was 'dying' from the traffic.

Perhaps it was the Goodbye element, but it has now truly said farewell. As tipster-with-a-cool-name DoctorOverbuild has informed us the coin is gone. Probably forever.

The Nintendo Sound Selection [Endings & Credits] double CD is still there, but it doesn't have Goodbye in the name so doesn't have quite the same appeal.

Were you able to grab the Club Nintendo Goodbye Coin?