Super Mario Maker.jpg

Super Mario Maker has now been available for around three weeks, keeping Wii U owners busy as they play and create clever, bizarre and fiendish 2D Mario levels. Nintendo has now issued some updated statistics on the title which make happy reading for Wii U fans.

The game has now passed one million sales worldwide, which includes bundle copies and downloads. In addition over 2.2 million levels have been created (a decent average of a couple for every single copy) and nearly 75 million attempts have been made. Pretty big numbers early on.

It'll be interesting to see where Super Mario Maker ends up, in sales, after the Holiday season and more time has passed. As of 30th June this year Mario Kart 8 was the top-selling game on the system at 5.43 million sales, while the best-selling Mario platformer is New Super Mario Bros. U on 4.84 million units. Hopefully Super Mario Maker can get to those sales levels.

Do you have Super Mario Maker for your Wii U, or is it still on your wishlist?