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The UK chart results have now been released for the most recent week, and bring a mix of expected results along with occasional surprises. FIFA 16 seizes top spot, naturally, though there are a couple of interesting outcomes from a Nintendo perspective.

For starters, Super Mario Maker continues to contribute decent results in what is a challenging market for Nintendo. A mix of new and discounted games do see the level creation tool drop five places from 6th to 11th place in the all- and single-format charts, but overall that's reasonable momentum for the Wii U exclusive.

No other Nintendo games make the all-format top 40, but the single format results do have a couple of sub-plots. These revolve around Skylanders SuperChargers on Wii U and Skylanders SuperChargers Racing on Wii. All versions of the game combined charted in 4th place for Activision, but the individual format results show how each system contributed to that result. Pleasingly for Wii U it delivered the second best-selling version of the full game, losing out only to the Xbox 360 iteration; the Racing spin-off on Wii is the lowest of the versions in the single-format top 40, with the 3DS version not making the cut.

The Wii U result is certainly positive for Nintendo, however, as it demonstrates that the platform holder still attracts families and young audiences on these key titles, with the Donkey Kong amiibo tie-in perhaps also helping with the latest console's bundle.