Heating up

Devil's Third is out now in Europe and the reviews haven't been glowing. Tomonobu Itagaki's Wii U exclusive has been given something of a drubbing by critics, with outlets such as IGN, Eurogamer and GameSpot handing it dire critical assessments.

Itagaki has taken to Facebook to comment on the reaction, and has stated that while some of the complaints are fair, he has lamented the decision to restrict access to the online servers during the review period:

Hey guys,

Thank you for playing our Devil's Third.

I believe that those of you who actually have the game in your hands are more than satisfied with how interesting and fun the game is.

Unfortunately the scores we've been receiving in Europe are pretty awful.
Some of the criticism we're getting is constructive and fair - I can accept that.
But in general, I'm going to guess that most of the people reviewing the game weren't given a chance to evaluate it properly.

Just as one example, we designed the online multiplayer mode to be enjoyed together with tons of people, but it seems dozens of reviewers were only allowed to try the game in a closed environment.

That's extremely unfortunate for everyone involved. As you can imagine, no one can effectively evaluate the playability of multiplayer games under these conditions.

For me though, I value the feedback you guys can offer much more.
Please enjoy the game for yourselves.
After that, let me know everything about what you're thinking, so that we can make a better future.

Gamers, let's build a future together
Thanks as always.

Tomonobu Itagaki

Prior to launch, reviewers were placed on special multiplayer servers which were naturally short on participants. For this reason, we withheld our final review score and updated it recently once we'd had chance to properly test this element of the game.

Are you playing Devil's Third now? What do you think of the game's online and single player segments? Share your thoughts below.

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