SteamWorld concept.jpg

With SteamWorld Heist getting close to release on the 3DS - coming a little later on Wii U - its developer Image & Form is keeping itself busy in getting eShop fans talking about the game and its franchise. Earlier this week it launched a contest in search of a tagline for the game, and has now kicked off a new video series designed to answer fan questions about the franchise and the development team.

Episode 1 of "The Engine Room" features Brjann Sigurgeirsson and Julius Guldbog talking about the SteamWorld timeline, starting off with DSiWare title SteamWorld: Tower Defense through to SteamWorld Dig and then Heist. A little bit of extra lore is thrown in, along with the repeated assurance that more SteamWorld games are planned for the future.

Check it out below and let us know what you think.