Earlier this year Nintendo of America launched a partnership with GameTrucks to feature Splatoon in the company's mobile parties and events. The general concept is that the trucks are booked to show up on location, giving those in attendance the chance to hop on board and play some video games with guides and experts on hand.

The Splatoon partnership seems to have gone well, with a fresh press release stating that "GameTruck has brought the Splatoon game in all of its inky glory to more than 5,000 parties and nearly 1,500 large events, while entertaining a total of over 600,000 guests". Now it'll be Super Mario Maker that'll feature with these trucks.

Super Mario Maker Gametruck.jpg

More than 100 trucks will be kitted out with the Wii U title, giving players the chance to try levels and create them, submitting their masterpieces for potential upload and inclusion in the game. It seems like a good way, based on those Splatoon event numbers, to spread more awareness of the game and the Wii U itself.

The Super Mario Maker trucks will be rolling out from 18th September, though can be ordered ahead of time via the official website.

Are you a fan of these sorts of partnerships, or have you ever tried out one of these GameTrucks?