Super Mario Maker - Screen 1

A well-known Splatoon data miner under the Twitter handle NWPlayer123 has reportedly made an exciting discovery whilst sifting through the files of Nintendo’s latest Wii U title, Super Mario Maker.

It appears there are a series of unused files leading to speculation about future download content for Mario's 30th anniversary title. The main findings are assets linked to the Angry Sun from Super Mario Bros. 3, with further discoveries revealing Nintendo's plans to allow players to place Bullet Bills without a launcher, and even use Goomba’s shoe in the New Super Mario Bros. U level theme.

If Splatoon is anything to go by, could these latest findings in Super Mario Maker be a sign of future DLC, or are they simply unused assets Nintendo has left in amongst the main game files?

Tell us in the comments what you make of these latest findings in the game files of Super Mario Maker, and if you would like to see download content released for the title in the near future.

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