Next stop, Mute City!

The battery life of electric cars could be increased by the use of special recharging strips on roads which use electromagnetic fields to transfer energy to the vehicle while it's in motion. UK-based Highways England is currently testing the technology and will soon begin an 18-month trial to ascertain the viability of the concept.

This is great news to the average electric car owner, as the current operational limit is around 250 miles before a recharge is required, but if you're a hardcore Nintendo fan then this breakthrough will no doubt have you thinking of Mute City, Captain Falcon and anti-gravity racing.

As we all know, in Nintendo's famous futuristic racer F-Zero strips of the track would recharge your vehicle's shield, which - in later versions - could also be used for a short-term boost.

While the proposed network of charging lanes in the UK - which is expected to cost the UK government around £500 million over the next five years - won't imbue your humble 5-door saloon with a protective shield, it could change the way we drive forever. And who knows, frictionless anti-gravity tech could be next!

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