Capcom's currently in the process of teasing its YouTube followers with flashy weapon trailers for Monster Hunter X (Cross), which is coming to the 3DS in Japan in late November. The footage is welcome, though, as it showcases a few monster variations and demonstrates how the combat blends tradition MH style with flashy, extravagant moves.

The latest videos are great for fans of the Lance weapons, and even better if you want a Gun Lance to blend charging and prodding with a bit of extra firepower. You can see these below.

Whether this will be localised out of Japan is unknown, but considering the decent performance of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in the West and the fact that X is - in a sense - part of the 'main' series, there's some hope.

We'll see in good time, and until we hear otherwise all we can do is look on at the trailers in envy of Japanese 3DS owners.