Metroid Unreal.png

It's all the rage, despite Nintendo joining the HD age in 2012, for fans to produce classic big N franchises in modern game engines. With the Unreal Engine not being formally supported on the Wii U - though games using the engine can be ported to the system - it seems to be a popular choice for aspiring programmers. It wasn't long ago that we had a look at Mario in Unreal Engine 4.

Now there's a Metroid demo in Unreal Engine 4, in which Samus explores 'Sun Temple'. It's very, very shiny, and there are a few aspects of the design - such as the arm cannon - that don't seem quite right. That said, we do see both first-person and third-person movement, and efforts like these are admirable for what they achieve. Creator CryZENx is even offering the demo to download, but that'll surely be hit by a takedown notice once Nintendo picks it up.

As always it's intriguing to see how others visualise a new look for Nintendo franchises, especially as we're yet to receive a HD Metroid game.

Check it out below and let us know what you think.