The Wii U can't boast of many major third-party releases on the way this year, but one notable arrival will be Guitar Hero Live. As proof that all popular fads roll back around eventually, this will be battling it out with Rock Band 4, though Nintendo gamers won't have the option of picking up the latter.

With a new guitar peripheral - of course - this new entry will be rather different from its predecessors. A Gamescom behind-the-scenes video aims to highlight just that point; it provides details on two major festivals that'll be part of the campaign, showing off its first-person live crowd approach. We also see more of the online channels and streaming options in which you play along to music videos - a spin on all of those karaoke games that essentially do the same thing.

We can't help but be hopeful of this one, mainly because some among us spent ludicrous amounts of money on the last-gen entries and peripherals. It's easier than learning to play the guitar, anyway.