Run to the hills!

Legendary British heavy metal band Iron Maiden are preparing to release their first single in half a decade and have put together a video game-inspired music video to mark the occasion.

Speed of Light's official video sees the band's iconic mascot Eddie getting sucked into an arcade machine which then forces him to play through four different gaming genres. There's a first-person shooter segment, a Mortal Kombat-style one-on-one brawler and a 2D platformer which combines elements of RoboCop with Namco's gore-filled Splatterhouse.

However, the portion of the video which will be of particular interest to Nintendo fans is a homage to Donkey Kong, where Eddie has to rescue a female character from a hulking bouncer, who takes her to the top of a building and then hurls objects at the undead rocker. Eddie takes down the flaming projectiles with an axe before smashing the ape-like bad guy with a TV set. Very rock and roll.

Speed of Light is taken from Iron Maiden's forthcoming studio album, The Book of Souls. If you don't know who Iron Maiden are, ask your parents then watch this.