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As announced last week, Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water - better known as Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden in North America - will only have a limited edition available at retail in Europe. In what's a potentially smart move for a relatively niche release, this release will be joined by a free-to-download version on the eShop; you'll be able to play the Prologue and first two chapters before deciding whether to buy the rest.

Ahead of its 30th October release the Nintendo Official UK Store has got in first with pre-order stock of the limited edition. We were curious about pricing, and it comes in at a standard rate for a special edition retail game on the store. At £49.99 it's pricier than a standalone game, but does come with the following goodies.

  • A double-sided poster
  • An art book
  • Four Spirit Photographs
  • SteelBook cover

At the moment other online retailers in the UK, such as Amazon and GAME, aren't showing stock for this.

Are you tempted to put down a pre-order for this limited edition bundle?

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