Chasing Dead

It has to be said the Wii U isn't particularly well served when it comes to the genre of horror games and first person shooters; we have Fatal Frame and Devil's Third to look forward to (although the jury is still out on the latter), but a game which combines the two genres has to be embraced with both arms. Enter Chasing Dead by developer 2020 Venture which is coming to the Wii U eShop.

The plot is suitably bonkers too, which is a bonus:

The game begins with a strange phenomenon in which another Earth appears in our skies. The curiosity and fear of a doppelganger planet initiates multiple missions in order to make contact with the duplicate Earth. A team of agents, astronauts, and scientists were sent 955,600 miles across space by NASA and the US Military, however all contact is lost a few hours after their arrival. You play as a marine named "Jake" who is sent on a mission to retrieve any research and data left behind by the original survey team while fighting off hostile forces. As Jake, you must traverse the zombie-ridden lands of the alternate Earth as you battle endless hordes of the undead, frightening mutants and insane soldiers. While you collect recordings and research papers you will steadily come upon the horrifying revelation that lead to the parallel Earth's demise.

We don't know much about 2020 Venture's track record other than 2014's more colourful Ava and Avior Save the Earth which was awful, but we're willing to approach this with an open mind. Be sure to hop over to the game's website for more info and watch the trailer below to see how the game is shaping up. As always let us know what you think with a comment below.