Dragon Quest VIII hits the 3DS in Japan on August 27th, and to build on the already intense interest for the game in its homeland, Jump magazine has delivered some more details.

The most striking addition is that the game will feature a brand-new ending. There isn't a lot more detail than that, but Jump does add that it will contain "surprise developments," "an angry King Clavius," and "a sad protagonist."

The other big news is that there's a post-game dungeon to tackle once the dust has settled and you've finished the main game. Dubbed The Ultimate Trial, this exclusive dungeon features mysterious purple chests for you to pillage. If that sounds like a euphemism for something else, then don't blame us.

Dragon Quest VIII is a port of the PlayStation 2 game of the same name, and features other improvements such as full voice acting, an orchestral score, quicker battles, a new boss and an extra dungeon in the main quest.

Here's the scan from Jump magazine:


[source perfectly-nintendo.com]