Rumble time!

3DS free-to-play release Pokémon Rumble World has just gotten a new update - version 1.1 - which should hopefully bring it back into your conciousness.

Updating the game gives access to a new area - called Changing Land - where you're far more likely to encounter Pokémon you've not yet caught. Also added is the Lucky Balloon - required to visit Changing Land - but there's a caveat here; you have to have attained Adventure Rank 40 to ride in it. The balloon takes 20 hours to re-inflate, too.

Furthermore, players who have already unlocked the Diamond Mine by buying 3,000 Poké Diamonds will now receive 40 Poké Diamonds per day instead of the usual 20. Coin values have also been raised, which means there's less need to grind to get anywhere.

But there's more! Input the following password (and ensure that your Adventure Rank is at least 4) to earn yourself 100 Poké Diamonds post update:

Japan: 32831175
Europe: 71104779
US: 48213190

Have you updated the game yet? Let us know what you think.

Thanks to RupeeClock for the tip!