Insert coins and roll out

Back when arcades really mattered, Sega was one of the industry's big hitters. The company not only produced amazing titles like Golden Axe and Alien Storm, but also ran a pretty amazing line in dedicated coin-op cabinets. Titles like After Burner, Space Harrier, Out Run and Thunderblade were all housed in massive, hulking units - many of which moved in conjunction with the on-screen action. In short, it was a pretty swell time to be an arcade gamer.

Fast-forward to the present day, and Nintendo's former nemesis is still a big player in the arcade sector - but sadly that arena is a pale imitation of its former self. Even Sega's heart isn't really in it any more, and it has taken to repackaging old titles in order to cut a profit.

Take Transformers: Human Alliance, a Ringedge 2-powered title from a couple of years back. It was a decent enough light-gun blaster based on Michael Bay's commercially popular (and critically savaged) Transformers flicks, but was hardly in the same league as Sega's best. Still, the licence is a big enough draw to pull in a few coins, and Sega has decided to re-use the game in an entirely new cabinet - one which calls to mind one of the company's most insane arcade creations.

We're talking about the insanely cool Sega R-360, which launched in the early '90s with the arcade flight sim G-LOC. You had to strap yourself into the unit which spun a full 360 degrees, emptying your pockets - and possibly your stomach - in the process. You can see a machine in action in the video below.

Now compare that to the new Transformers cabinet, and you'll see the connection:

The new unit has recently appeared in Japan, and there's a good chance it could make it to the west. Are you keen to play it? Let us know by posting a comment.