Racing to bedtime

Reddit user troymcklure didn't want any old nursery when he created one for his newborn child. He decided that bog-standard teddies and pastel-shades were too mainstream, and decided instead to create a room themed entirely around Mario Kart 8 - and the most amazing thing is, this work follows his Zelda and Yoshi-themed creations.

After a year and a half of work, this puppy is finally done! After creating my Legend of Zelda and Yoshi's Island nurseries, I knew I had to up the ante just a bit. After searching online, there didn't seem to be any big attempts at a Mario Kart nursery out there, and with the newest version coming out, Mario Kart 8, that sparked my interest. I had a vision in my head and set out to make it happen.

This project was an excuse to get familiar with several new materials and techniques such as styrofoam sculpting and silicone molding/ resin casting.

You can see more of this talented chap's work over at Geek Smithing. We sure hope his kid appreciates all of the effort when he grows up!