Just recently we held our Nintendo Life Gaming Night in Cambridge (England), in which lots of responsible adults (mostly) gathered to play all sorts of delightful games, both retro and brand new.

We had a couple of Nindies at the event, and we've previously shared our video interview for the F-Zero-ish New Nintendo 3DS title Lifespeed; now we have a Wii U title to talk about. This one is developed by Utopian World of Sandwiches and is a colourful and slightly mad 9-player party game - Chompy Chomp Chomp Party. As you can imagine, chomping your opponents is a key goal.

It's shaping up really well and is a lot of fun so far, with a targeted release this year. Check out the video below as our man Alex has a chat with devs Woody and Sarah, along with some footage of the game in progress. Let us know what you think!