Splatoon game director Tsubasa Sakaguchi isn't often available for interviews, so Family Gamer TV was understandably excited when he invited the families and children it works with to share their pressing questions.

While we might want to know how he came up with the design for the game, or what the business drivers would be going forward, it seems that younger minds had other ideas.

As you can see in the video, the kids were much more interested with the minutiae of the game, and of course whether people really did eat squid. See Sakaguchi listen intently to his young audience and give some great answers which actually gave a nice insight into the playful mind of a creator at the peak of his game.

Sure it's a bit of fun, but the children who had their questions answered all agreed it was great to be listened to by someone who has such a big impact on their gaming lives. We'll leave you with the interview and questions below.

Why doesn't the paint mix up in Splatoon?

Tsubasa Sakaguchi: Do you know that water and oil do not mix together, according to our studies of the inklings the two coloured inks do not mix together like water and oil as well.

Why does the other team's paint slow you down but yours doesn't?

Tsubasa Sakaguchi: I'm sure you will be able to swim fast in a pool, but in a pool of oil you won't be able to swim so fast. We think that it's quite similar to that.

Why does the hair look like squid legs?

Tsubasa Sakaguchi: Did you know that squid have ten legs? The inklings as well they have their arms and their legs which make up four then they have their hair make up another two, then the remaining four are hidden at the back of their head. Their ten squid legs exist on their body. It looks like they have hair but this is actually squid legs.

Why is there a big fat cat waving a flag at the end of a level?

Tsubasa Sakaguchi: Have you ever noticed Judd's outfit before? He looks very similar to a referee in a boxing match. The reason why the Judd is Judging the winner is because of his keen eye to instantly determine who has coloured in the most. Why is there just one cat in the world of Splatoon? The clue is hidden in the sunken scrolls...

Which is the best weapon in Splatoon?

Tsubasa Sakaguchi: There's no strongest weapon in Splatoon, all weapons have their strengths and their weaknesses. I hope you get better at Splatoon and find the weapon that you like.

My sister says you can eat squid is that true?

Tsubasa Sakaguchi: Yes, you can eat squid in lots of different ways. You can eat it in paella, you can have it as sushi, you can grill it. In Japan we even dry the squid so it is super thin — very popular food in Japan.

Could we play with two GamePads on split screen if we had them?

Tsubasa Sakaguchi: Sorry, unfortunately you can't do that.

Are you going to do any more amiibos, maybe with clothes they can wear?

Tsubasa Sakaguchi: I think being able to give amiibo clothes is a great idea. It would be difficult to do that, but maybe you could make some sun glasses, hats and clothes to put on the existing amiibo.