Back in April, hardware maker Hyperkin posted what many people thought was an elaborate April Fool's joke. The "SmartBoy" was pitched as a bolt-on controller which allowed you to play your original Game Boy carts on your smartphone. A fantastic idea, but surely too bonkers to actually be true, right? Wrong!

It has since transpired that although the post was a bit of fun, Hyperkin actually used it as a test to see what kind of demand there would be for such a product - and it would now appear that it is going into full production.

The prototype was shown off at E3 2015, and as promised, allows you to play your dusty old carts on your phone. Some kind of Game Boy emulator is clearly used on the phone itself - many are already available on the Android Google Play store - and the SmartBoy "dumps" the ROM in the same way that Hyperkin's excellent RetroN 5 console does.

Is this a product you're keen to get your hands on, or do you still have your old Game Boy in good working order? Share your feelings by posting a comment below.