Wireless wonder

Peripheral and hardware maker Hyperkin is working on what it hopes will be the ultimate Wii U controller option.

The ProCube aims to fuse together the best bits of the Wii U Pro Controller and the GameCube pad. It works with all Pro Controller titles on the Wii U and is totally wireless - something that other Wii U GameCube clone pads haven't been, as they require a Wii Remote to connect to the main console.

Hyperkin is showing off hand-made prototype pads at EVO 2015 and will be taking user feedback into account before rolling into full production. A wired version of the pad will also be made available for purists who feel that wireless lag compromises their Super Smash Bros. A-game. The pad is expected to retail for around $30 to $40.

Are you in the market for a controller like this? Let us know by posting a comment - who knows, someone from Hyperkin might read it and take your concerns or ideas into account.

[source reddit.com]