Elliot Quest

We really liked 8-bit style RPG platformer Elliot Quest when we took it for a spin in our review. Anyone looking for a challenging, satisfying action adventure should give this game a look; it's also great showcase for what HTML5 can do.

The developers at PlayEveryWare aren't finished with Elliot Quest, either. On 30th July, a free update to the game will be made available which adds a Miiverse Journal enabling players to share and leave notes about their adventures.

The Wii U GamePad will allow players to post and view hints, share the secrets they find, and more during real-time gameplay. Fun new Miiverse Stamps will also be added to use in Miiverse posts. Over twenty Stamps can be unlocked as players defeat bosses, discover secrets, and explore new locations in each of the multiple game endings.

Here's PlayEveryWare co-founder Thomas O'Connor:

We are really excited to see how players will use this new feature. Elliot Quest's Miiverse community is so amazingly positive and supportive of one another! They already help each other get through challenging areas while cautious of spoilers, and sharing screenshots of all the really fun and surprising Easter eggs that they find on their adventures. The Miiverse Journal will make it easier and enjoyable for the community to share their experiences. We enjoy supporting the Elliot Quest community by creating features they can use based on their engagement and feedback.

To celebrate this new content, PlayEveryWare are offering a 15 percent discount to new North American and European players for two weeks following the release of the update. Will this tempt you to take the plunge and join Elliot on his quest?