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Image: Shigesato Itoi

To many Satoru Iwata is the former Nintendo President, an executive that was innovative and had an extraordinary relationship with the company's fans. Before that role, however - and occasionally during his time in management - Iwata-san was a highly skilled programmer, contributing heavily to diverse cross-generational titles such as Balloon Fight (in which he was prominent), Kirby titles, Super Smash Bros. Melee and EarthBound.

EarthBound Director Shigesato Itoi knew Iwata-san well, and he's posted a touching farewell message to his blog - translation is via yomuka.

When I'm parting with a friend, regardless of the circumstances, I find it best to just say, "See you later." We'll meet again. After all, we're friends.

That's right—nothing unusual about it. I'll see you later.

You went on a trip far, far away, even though it was planned for many years from now. You wore your best outfit and said "Sorry for the short notice," though you didn't say it out loud.

You always put yourself last, after you'd finished helping everyone else. You were so generous as a friend that this trip might be your very first selfish act.

I still can't grasp what's happened. It feels like I could still get a light-hearted e-mail asking me out to lunch at any moment—after you've made sure lunch wouldn't disrupt my schedule, of course.
You can invite me out whenever you want. I'll invite you, too.

So for now, let's plan on meeting again. You can call me up whenever you like, and I'll give you a call, too. I still have a lot to talk to you about, and if I come up with any particularly good ideas, I'll let you know.

So let's meet again.

No–I suppose we're already meeting. Right here, right now.

Itoi-san often has a wonderful way with words, so we thought this was a nice message to share for the former Nintendo President.

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