Devil's Third.jpg

There's been some more Devil's Third news, which in this case brings useful information and a notable surprise. First of all, Nintendo of America has confirmed that the action shooter will be published at retail (and on the eShop) by the company in the Americas - no final date has been given, though we do have a Q4 window.

That's certainly positive news for North American gamers, even if there's a wait well beyond the late August arrival in Europe. There's a curveball in Nintendo of America's announcement, however, as it's also been revealed that a version of the game will be released as a 'free-to-start' title on PC. While the Nintendo-published Wii U title has the full single-player and multiplayer components as expected, the PC version "will offer a multiplayer experience tailored for the platform" and be published by developer Valhalla Game Studios.

That PC version has come rather out of nowhere, though free-to-play multiplayer-only experiences are relatively common on download PC stores like Steam. It qualifies as one of the more bizarre losses of exclusivity for a Wii U title, though the Nintendo-published release will more-than-likely be far more substantial with that solo campaign also included.

Another intriguing twist with Devil's Third, then. How many of you in North America are planning some festive devilry with this or are - dare we say - tempted by the free PC iteration? Let us know.