Virtual Boy 20 Year Anniversary

According to the history books, the Virtual Boy is Nintendo's biggest failure — both commercially and critically — in the hardware arena. Launched 20 years ago today on 21st July 1995 in Japan to almost complete consumer apathy, it bypassed Europe entirely and was discontinued the following year. It is also thought to be the reason that creator Gunpei Yokoi — who was also responsible for the Game Boy — was ousted from the company.

Given the short lifespan of the Virtual Boy, it should come as no great surprise to learn that very few games were produced for the console. The entire library consists of 22 officially-released titles — 19 in Japan and 14 in the US (amazingly, even though it has such a limited selection of games, the Virtual Boy is home to not one but two versions of Tetris). Of these games, Virtual Boy Wario Land is generally considered to be the best of the bunch, with honourable mentions also going to the likes of 3D Tetris and Vertical Force.

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Do you have fond memories of the Virtual Boy? Are you yet to even see one in the flesh? As always, let us know your thoughts on the black sheep of Nintendo's hardware history.